Get a fullstack app in minutes

Get a hacker grade app set up without the hours of hacking

Starting at $50/mo

Get coding without the lengthy setup

We set you up with an ubuntu server in seconds
Code from anywhere with our web IDE or text editor plugins
Get started for free. Put it in production for $10/mo
Get started with templates for chat, multiplayer, or gaming apps.
Working backend, frontend, ssl, database, websockets and live reload set up instantly
Write apps that work on iOS, Android, and Web at the same time
We're making more money and testing products better because of Stockite
Before Stockite, it was me spending days driving to stores. Much easier now.
Stockite addresses one of the biggest pain points for us to scale, and made it frictionless.
As a store, Stockite is how I explore new products. Love what we get from there.

How it works in two screenshots

Choose a template - or start from scratch

Start coding your app with no setup or wait

The easiest way to make an app with a backend

Make realtime apps in minutes, not weeks

Pick a template

Or start from scratch. Get a working backend, frontend, ssl, database, websockets and live reload set up instantly

Code from anywhere

Using our collaborative web IDE, or keep it local with one of our plugins for VSCode, Sublime and JetBrains.

Preview it real-time

With first class support for Expo, you can preview real iOS and Android apps instantly.

Free to start

Experiment with crazy ideas and share templates with other hackers. Keep it up 24/7 for only $10/month

Easy to scale

Just turn a knob to change your server's size, and hit restart.

All with no risk

Easy come, easy go. Shut down and reboot servers at a moment's notice. All our scripts are open source, and it's "just a linux box". That means no lock-in and no headache later.

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